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CGI programs

When you install the WWW interface (see Section 5), a few programs are installed into your HTTP server's /Harvest/cgi-bin directory:
This program takes the submitted query from query.html, and sends it to the specified Broker. It then retrieves the query results from the Broker, formats them in HTML, and sends the result set in HTML to the user. The result set contains links to the Broker's home page, links to the content summaries of the matched objects, and a link to the Harvest home page. Note that the older C version, BrokerQuery.cgi, is also included in the distribution.


This program displays the content summaries from the Broker. It retrieves a SOIF object from the Broker, then formats it in HTML for the user,which contains a link to the soifhelp.html page, a link to the URL of the object, and a link to the Harvest home page.


This program will take the submitted administrative command from admin.html and send it to the appropriate Broker. It retrieves the result of the command from the Broker and displays it to the user.


Duane Wessels
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