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Using WAIS as an indexer

Support for using WAIS (both freeWAIS and WAIS Inc.'s index/search engine) as the Broker's indexing and search subsystem is included in the Harvest distribution. WAIS is a nice alternative to Glimpse if you need faster search support gif and are willing to lose the more powerful query features. gif


To use WAIS with an existing Broker, you need to change the Indexer-Type variable in broker.conf to ``WAIS''; you can choose among the WAIS variants by setting the WAIS-Flavor variable in broker.conf to ``Commercial-WAIS'', ``freeWAIS'', or ``WAIS''. Otherwise, CreateBroker will ask you if you want to use WAIS, and where the WAIS programs ( waisindex, waissearch, waisserver, and with the commercial version of WAIS waisparse) are located. When you run the Broker, a WAIS server will be started automatically after the index is built.

You can also specify that you want to use WAIS for a Broker, when you use the RunHarvest command by running: RunHarvest -wais.


Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996