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6.3 Using the Cache as an httpd accelerator


The httpd-accelerator is a specially configured Harvest cache that intercepts incoming HTTP requests, on average doubling your performance. Requests that miss and dynamically evaluated queries are forwarded to your httpd for evaluation. Requests that hit the accelerator are serviced blazingly quickly because the Harvest cache is implemented much more efficiently than existing HTTP implementations.

The httpd-accelerator is compatible with both the CERN and the NCSA implementations of httpd. For more information, see the distribution package.

Note that it is best not to run a single Cache process as both an httpd-accelerator and a proxy cache, since these two modes will have different working sets. You will get better performance by running two separate caches on separate machines. However, for compatability with how administrators are accustomed to running other servers (such as CERN) that provide both proxy and Web serving capability, we allow the Cache to be run as both a proxy and an accelerator if you sent the httpd_accel_with_proxy variable to ``on'' inside your cached.conf configuration file.

Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996