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6.6 Setting up WWW clients to use the Cache


Users can retrieve objects through the Cache by setting three environment variables before running NCSA Mosaic (version 2.4) or Lynx. The easiest way is to use the provided CachedMosaic or CachedLynx script. These scripts simplify migrating many users to the Cache without changing each user's local environment. To do this, change each script to contain the name of the machine on which you are running a Cache. Then, rename the standard Mosaic and Lynx programs, and change CachedMosaic or CachedLynx to use these new names. Rename the scripts to the executable names that users would normally use to access the standard Mosaic or Lynx programs (e.g., xmosaic and lynx). Finally, copy the scripts in the path where the standard Mosaic and Lynx normally go.

The UNIX Netscape client uses the proxy environment variables, but there are no environment variables for PCs or Macs. What's more, it is difficult to set up ``wrapper'' programs (as described above) for the UNIX Netscape client, because Netscape will write its initialization file ( /.netscape-preferences) with an empty set of PROXY variables the first time a user saves options -- causing the proxy pointers inherited by the wrapper programs to be ignored. Therefore, to use the Cache from Netscape, the best approach is to set proxy pointers via the ``Options/Preferences/Proxies'' menu.

Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996