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CreateReplica usage line


The CreateReplica program is used as follows:

        -h      This message.
        -m      Creating replica for master site.
                For this case, it won't create broker, assume broker is already there.
        -l      Specify parameters locally without querying  a remote site.
        -g url  Get paramters from mirrord home page of a remote site.

Note: at present we have partially-automated support for managing port numbers when you create a new replication group. When you run CreateReplica -m you'll need to specify port numbers for the master. After that, you can send email to listing your port numbers and the name of your replication group, and we'll register them in a database that is checked by slave sites when they run CreateReplica. Alternatively, you can simply provide the port numbers manually to each slave site (e.g., by sending email to the administrators at each site, containing the port numbers to use). In a future version of Harvest we will make the master/slave registration mechanism more automated, similar to how HSR registrations work (see Section 3.7).


Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996