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The top directory of where you installed Harvest is known as $HARVEST_HOME. By default, $HARVEST_HOME is /usr/local/harvest. The following files and directories are located in $HARVEST_HOME:

        COPYRIGHT           README              brokers/            lib/
        ChangeLog           RunHarvest*         cgi-bin/
        INSTRUCTIONS.html   bin/                gatherers/

COPYRIGHT contains the copyright restrictions for Harvest. ChangeLog contains a detailed account of the history of changes to the Harvest software. INSTRUCTIONS.html contains the instructions on how to install and run the Harvest software. This HTML file is also maintained on-line. README contains the README file from the Harvest source distribution. RunHarvest is the script used to create and run Harvest servers (see Section 3.7). The RunHarvest program is not in the bin directory so that it can be run without requiring the user to set their HARVEST_HOME environment variable first, and to make it stand out because it is the primary (and simplest) way to start up the system. RunHarvest has the same command line syntax as Harvest below.

Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996