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  The $HARVEST_HOME/bin directory only contains programs that users would normally run directly. All other programs (e.g., individual summarizers for the Gatherer) as well as Perl library code are in the lib directory. The bin directory contains the following programs:

Creates a Broker.
Usage: CreateBroker [skeleton-tree [destination]]

Main user interface to the Gatherer. This program is run by the RunGatherer script found in a Gatherer's directory.
Usage: Gatherer [-manual|-export|-debug]

The program used by RunHarvest to create and run Harvest servers as per the user's description.
Usage: Harvest [flags], where flags can be any of the following:
        -novice         Simplest Q&A.  Mostly uses the defaults.
        -expert         Most flexible Q&A.  No defaults used. (default)
        -glimpse        Use Glimpse for the Broker. (default)
        -wais           Use WAIS for the Broker.
        -dumbtty        Dumb TTY mode (default).
        -cleantty       Clean TTY mode - clears screen, etc.
        -debug          Debug mode.
        -dont-run       Don't run the Broker or the Gatherer.
        -fake           Doesn't build the Harvest servers.
        -protect        Don't change the umask.

Useful script to continually run the Harvest Cache.
Usage: RunCache [cachedir]

The Broker program. This program is run by the RunBroker script found in a Broker's directory. Logs messages to both broker.out and to admin/LOG.
Usage: broker [broker.conf file] [-nocol]

The Harvest Cache daemon. This program is run by the RunCache script.
Usage: cached [-ehs] [-f config-file] [-d debug-level] [-[apu] port]
   -e                 Print debug message to stderr.
   -h                 Print help message.
   -R                 Do not set REUSEADDR on port.
   -s                 Disable syslog output.
   -f config-file     Use given config-file instead of /etc/cached.conf.
   -d debug-level     Use given debug-level, prints messages to stderr.
   -a port-number     Specify ASCII port number.  Defaults to 3128.
   -p port-number     Specify TCP (binary) port number.  Defaults to 3129.
   -u port-number     Specify UDP port number. Defaults to 3130.

The client interface to the Gatherer.
Usage: gather [-info] [-nocompress] host port [timestamp]

Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996