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A.7 $HARVEST_HOME/lib/broker

The $HARVEST_HOME/lib/broker directory contains the search and index programs needed by the Broker, plus several utility programs needed for Broker administration, as follows:

This program will issue a restart command to a broker. Mainly used by the Replicator after a Broker has been updated.
Usage: BrokerRestart [-password passwd] host port

Client interface to the broker. Can be used to send queries or administrative commands to a broker.
Usage: brkclient hostname port command-string

Prints the Broker's Registry file in a human-readable format.
Usage: dumpregistry [-count] [BrokerDirectory]

      glimpse, glimpseindex, glimpseserver
The Glimpse indexing and search system as described in Section 5.,
Perl programs used to generate Broker statistics and to create stats.html.
Usage: gather -info host port | > host.port.html
Usage: broker-dir > stats.html

Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996