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3.3.1 Distribution types

We offer two kinds of Harvest distributions: source and binary. The source distribution contains all of the source code for the Harvest software. You compile the source distribution on one of the supported platform, or port the source code to another platform. The binary distributions contain precompiled binaries for all of the Harvest programs. We offer binary distributions for the supported platforms, and we make available binary distributions for unsupported platforms which we receive from Harvest users. We offer source and binary distributions for the entire Harvest system, and for only the Harvest Object Cache subsystem (for those who only want to install a Cache).

For most users, the easiest option is to retrieve one of the binary distributions. We make the source code available primarily for users who wish to port Harvest to a new architecture or operating system, or to add functionality to the Harvest software.

You can retrieve the Harvest distributions from a number of distribution sites.

Duane Wessels
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