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3.4 Building the Source Distribution


The source distribution can be extracted in any directory. The following command will extract the compressed source archive:

     % gzip -dc harvest-src.tar.gz | tar xf -

Harvest uses GNU's autoconf package to perform needed localizations at installation time. If you want to override the default installation location of /usr/local/harvest, change the ``prefix'' variable in Makefilegif If desired, you may edit src/common/include/config.h before compiling to change various Harvest compile-time limits and variables. To compile the source treegif, type make all.

For example, to build the entire Harvest system, type:

        % vi Makefile                      (only if changing the prefix)
        % make reconfigure                 (only if prefix was changed)
        % vi src/common/include/config.h   (only if desired)
        % make all install

You may see some compiler warning messages, which you can ignore.

Building the entire Harvest distribution will take about 30 minutes on a DEC Alpha or on newer Sun SPARCstations, and almost an hour on older machines. The compiled source tree takes approximately 25 megabytes of disk space.

Later, after the installed software working, you can remove the compiled code (``.o'' files) and other intermediate files by typing: make clean. If you want to remove the configure-generated Makefiles, type: make realclean.


Duane Wessels
Wed Jan 31 23:46:21 PST 1996