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Defined Variables

The following variables are defined as soon as the query string is processed. They can be used before the broker returns any results.

        $maxresult    The maximum number of matched lines to be returned
        $host         The broker hostname
        $port         The broker port
        $query        The query string entered by the user
        $bquery       The whole query string sent to the broker

These variables are defined for each matched object returned by the broker.

        $objectnum   The number of the returned object
        $desc        The description attribute of the matched object
        $opaque      ALL the matched lines from the matched object
        $url         The original URL of the matched object
        $A           The access method of $url (e.g.: http)
        $H           The hostname (including port) from $url
        $P           The path part of $url
        $D           The directory part of $P
        $F           The filename part of $P
        $cs_url      The URL of the content summary in the broker database
        $cs_a        Access part of $cs_url
        $cs_h        Hostname part of $cs_url
        $cs_p        Path part of $cs_url
        $cs_d        Directory part of $cs_p
        $cs_f        Filename part of $cs_p

Duane Wessels
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