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2. Building Harvest

2.1 How do I uninstall Harvest?

Harvest keeps all of its files in /usr/local/harvest or whichever prefix you have assigned during configure. To uninstall Harvest, simply delete the Harvest directory.

If you did following when installing Harvest:

        # ./configure --prefix=/home/data/harvest

then, this should uninstall Harvest:

        # rm -fr /home/data/harvest

You might also want to check the start scripts which start Harvest daemons during system boot and remove cron jobs necessary for running Harvest.

2.2 Where can I get bison and flex?

Bison and flex are available at GNU FTP Site and its mirrors.

2.3 How can I install Harvest in "/my/directory/harvest" instead of "/usr/local/harvest"?


        # ./configure --prefix=/my/directory/harvest
        # make
        # make install

2.4 How can I avoid "syntax error before `regoff_t'" error message when compiling Harvest?

On some systems, building Harvest may fail with following message:

        Making all in util
        gcc  -I../include -I./../include -c buffer.c
        In file included from ../include/config.h:350,
                         from ../include/util.h:112,
                         from buffer.c:86:
        /usr/include/regex.h:46: syntax error before `regoff_t'
        /usr/include/regex.h:46: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
        /usr/include/regex.h:56: syntax error before `regoff_t'
        *** Error code 1

If you get this error, edit src/common/include/autoconf.h and add "#define USE_GNU_REGEX 1" before typing make to build Harvest.

2.5 Where can I get more information for building Harvest on FreeBSD?

See FreshPorts Harvest page for more informations about building Harvest on FreeBSD.

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